Needle-fangs* (03) Regiment

Type: unit
Category: SWA
Categories: SWA, @Troop, *Irregular
EntryId: 170f-4d2e-f856-db32
Hidden: false
Costs: 1 US80 pts
Options (1)
Rules (5)
This unit can move over, and pivot while over, anything, as long as its entire move ends clear of any units or Blocking Terrain. It does not suffer Hindered Charges for moving over Difficult Terrain or Obstacles, unless it ends the move within or touching them. While Disordered, it cannot use Fly. If a unit with Fly has Nimble, then that is also lost while Disordered.
If this unit is within 12" of an Enemy unit with Inspiring or Very Inspiring and is Routed, the opponent must re-roll that Nerve test. The second result stands.
This unit can make a single extra pivot of up to 90 degrees during any Movement order except a Halt. When Disordered by a unit in Melee with Phalanx or Ensnare, it loses Nimble until the end of its following Turn.
Enemies making Ranged attacks against this unit suffer an additional -1 to hit modifier.
This unit's Charge is not Hindered when charging through, or ending its Charge on, Difficult Terrain or Obstacles.


Profile Type Key Sp Me Ra De Att Ne US Ht
D: Needle-fangs* (03) Regiment Swa Beast, Nightmare, Warp Pixies 7 5+ - 2+ 12 9/11 1 1
Fly, Mindthirst, Nimble, Stealthy, Strider