Tidal Swarm* (03) Regiment

Type: unit
Category: SWA
Categories: SWA, @Troop, *Irregular
EntryId: 372b-d7d5-281e-c70d
Hidden: false
Costs: 1 US70 pts
Options (1)
Rules (3)
Melee attacks against this unit's front facing suffer an additional -1 to hit.
This unit can make a single extra pivot of up to 90 degrees during any Movement order except a Halt. When Disordered by a unit in Melee with Phalanx or Ensnare, it loses Nimble until the end of its following Turn.
This unit can make a single At the Double or Advance order after Set-Up is finished but before the first Turn of the first Round begins. If moving At the Double from this, it treats Obstacles and Difficult Terrain as Open Terrain. If both armies have Scout units, each player rolls a D6. Higher scorer decides who moves their first Scout, and then players alternate.


Profile Type Key Special Sp Me Ra De Att Ne US Ht
D: Tidal Swarm* (03) Regiment Swa Beast, Crustacean Ensnare, Nimble, Scout 5 5+ - 2+ 12 -/12 1 1