Naiad Heartpiercers* (10) Troop

Type: unit
Category: INF
Categories: INF, @Troop, *Irregular
EntryId: 05bc-8e33-07db-a62e
Hidden: false
Costs: 1 US120 pts
Options (1)
Rules (3)
All hits caused by Ranged attacks from this unit have a +(n) modifier when rolling to damage.
When this unit receives a Movement order, before doing anything else, roll a number of dice equal to the damage on the unit. For every result of (n) or higher, it immediately removes 1 damage previously suffered.
Steady Aim
This unit does not suffer from the -1 Moving modifier when making Ranged attacks.


Profile Type Key Sp Me Ra De Att Ne US Ht
A: Naiad Heartpiercers* (10) Troop Inf Naiad 5 5+ 4+ 3+ 8 9/11 1 2
Regeneration (4+), <Harpoon-guns: 18", Piercing (1), Steady Aim>