Spear Phalanx (40) Horde

Type: unit
Category: INF
Categories: INF, $$Inf/Hvy Inf/Cav/Cht HORDE/LEGION, %HORDE/LEGION Artefacts
EntryId: 1542-43a7-b6b9-273e
Hidden: false
Costs: 4 US200 pts
Options (5)
Unlocked Troops (4) [Visual Indicator/Reminder]:
Unlocked Units (Pick 3) [Visual Indicator/Reminder]:
Rules (1)
Enemies that Charge this unit's front facing cannot use Thunderous Charge. Cavalry, Large Cavalry and units with Fly that make an un-Hindered Charge against this unit's front facing suffer a -1 to hit modifier in the subsequent Melee.


Profile Type Key Special Sp Me Ra De Att Ne US Ht
A: Spear Phalanx (40) Horde Inf Human Phalanx 5 4+ - 4+ 30 20/22 4 2