20 - Tome of Darkness

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 7f47-8624-f593-1c12
Hidden: false
Costs: 20 pts


max: 1
max(roster): 1
Rules (1)
RANGE: 12" || TARGETS: Friendly (Shambling) || MODIFIERS: - || EFFECT: For each hit landed, the target must move directly forward 1" (stopping just out of contact with Friendly units and Blocking Terrain). Fly is not in effect for this. Contacting Enemies results in a Charge (so align & shuffle), but those units will now skip this Ranged Phase's Nerve tests, if any. Align to facing contacted, or IF you'll Charge a corner, note the leader point BEFORE Surging forward, and align to the arc's facing that the target Friendly unit's leader point started in! If contacting 2+ Enemies simultaneously, the casting player chooses which to Charge. Surging over an Obstacle or Difficult Terrain is a Hindered Charge as normal. No effect on units with Speed 0.


20 - Tome of Darkness
This unit gains Surge (4) or if it already has Surge, its value is increased by 4 (not already in unit Profile).