15 - Trickster's Wand

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 7988-b31f-aee3-8158
Hidden: false
Costs: 15 pts


max: 1
max(roster): 1
Rules (1)
RANGE: 30" || TARGETS: Enemy || MODIFIERS: - || EFFECT: Instead of damaging, if 1 or more hits land, the target Enemy unit is Hexed and receives 2 damage each time it lands a hit with a spell until the end of its next Turn. A Nerve test is not required for this damage. No effect on Spellcaster: 0 units.


15 - Trickster's Wand
This unit gains Hex (2) (not already in unit Profile). It does not increase existing Hex values. If it lands a hit with its Hex against an Enemy Hero also carrying Trickster's Wand, the Enemy's Hex granted by this cannot be used for the remainder of the game.