Novitiate Reliquarius

Type: model
Categories: NOVITIATE, Imperium, Adepta Sororitas, Novitiate Reliquarius
EntryId: 4c29-ff3b-9aaf-f985
Hidden: false
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Icon of Purity
Each time a friendly NOVITIATE operative is incapacitated, if this operative is within ⬟ of and Visible to it, roll one D6: on a 4+, that operative can immediately perform a free Shoot action.
Operative M APL GA DF SV W
Novitiate Militant 3⬤ 2 1 3 4+ 7
Unique Actions
Plant the Icon (1AP)
Perform this action while within ⬤ of the centre of an objective marker. Until this operative is next activated, if it is within ⬤ of the centre of that objective marker, halve the APL of enemy operatives (rounding up) when determining who controls that objective marker.
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