Diabolic Icon [RARE]

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 483d-ab6a-8d21-c742
Hidden: false
Costs: 3 EP


max: 1
max(roster): 1


Unique Actions
Diabolic Icon (1AP)
Until the end of the Turning Point, each time a friendly BLOODED operative Visible to and within ⬛ of this operative is activated, or while a friendly BLOODED operative is Visible to and within ⬛ of this operative, that friendly operative is motivated by a diabolic icon during that activation. Each time an operative motivated by a diabolic icon fights in combat, if it has a Blooded token, in the Roll Attack Dice step of that combat, before rolling your attack dice, you can retain one as a successful normal hit without rolling it. This is in addition to any retained as a result of the Blooded ability.


set hidden true
0 Narrative in force (recursive)