Type: upgrade
EntryId: 6442-aba9-49a6-08b6
Hidden: false
Costs: 10 Points


max: 1
Rules (5)
When you recover, you may flip this card.
Pierce X
You cancel X Block results.
You cannot use this weapon and move, except for pivoting, during the same activation.
High Velocity
While attacking, if each weapon in your attack pool has High Velocity, the defender cannot spend dodge tokens.
Long Shot X
While attacking, spend up to X aim tokens to increase this weapon's maximum range by 1 for each aim token spent.


2.1 Attacks Range Attack Dice Icons
A280-CFE Pistol Config 1-2 Red x2, Black
Long Shot 1, Reconfigure, Pierce 1
A280-CFE Sniper Config 1+ Red, Black
Cumbersome, High Velocity, Pierce 1, Reconfigure


set hidden true
parent is not •Cassian Andor