Crossbow Block (10) Troop

Type: unit
Category: INF
Categories: INF, @Troop
EntryId: 7b6b-8097-1ab6-6ceb
Hidden: false
Costs: 1 US85 pts
Options (2)
Rules (2)
All hits caused by Ranged attacks from this unit have a +(n) modifier when rolling to damage.
Pot Shot
If this unit is given any order other than Halt in the Movement Phase, any Pot Shot Ranged attacks are resolved with a -2 Moving modifier rather than the normal -1.


Profile Type Key Special Sp Me Ra De Att Ne US Ht
A: Crossbow Block (10) Troop Inf Human <Crossbows: 24", Piercing (1), Pot Shot> 5 5+ 5+ 3+ 8 9/11 1 2